Marks out of 10? Got to be a 10.

Oh, we’re very excited that another review has come in for Gingerbread Children – this time from someone who confesses they ‘wouldn’t normally pick up a fantasy novel’.  But they liked what they read – very much indeed:

“From the very start, I was captivated by the descriptive writing. Every little detail of each scene that was being played out, made you able to visualise it as if you were actually there.

It had me laughing out loud, at one point, had me in tears.

And to have two stories cleverly entwined, with such wonderful characters – I found myself caring deeply to what happened to them.

I don’t want to give the game away, but suffice to say, I hope there will be a sequel. And I could easily see this in film format. Like Hocus Pocus, it had a similar feel, but in my opinion, a far more intricate plot.

Marks out of 10? Got to be a 10.

Do yourself and family a favour. Xmas is coming. Make someone smile!”

So, an early mention of Christmas, there – but we can live with that! Thank you, ND.