Gingerbread Children mentioned in despatches – well, Fortean Times actually

The first press review for Carol Carman’s latest, Gingerbread Children, has appeared today! Fortean Times has picked up a copy and published a short review in their SF and Fantasy round-up.

The important issue was published 6th December 2018 and you can read the full review here:

Carol Carman’s Gingerbread Children is humorous fantasy in the style of Terry Pratchett. Two stories interweave because of an ancient (and completely misunderstood) spell. When the matriarch of a university of magic dies, there’s a struggle over her successor. The person who is appointed vanishes, as does a young child, and the dysfunctional senior faculty set out to search for both. Meanwhile a young student taking a creative writing course finds her pen taken over in a startling retelling of Hansel and Gretel. It’s a delightful story, nicely written and full of excruciating puns.
From the Fortean Times published 6/12/2018

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