Gingerbread Children
“Five stars… Highly recommended to anyone who’s ever enjoyed a book from the likes of Terry Pratchett or Piers Anthony.”“I was captivated… laughing out loud, in tears… two stories cleverly entwined, wonderful characters… Marks out of 10? Got to be a 10.”

Family secrets. An ancient curse. Confectionery.Not quite what Dominica Tort is expecting when her friend dies. But then her friend was the most powerful witch in the country: the Matriarch of the University of Nature, where witches have been trained for longer than history can remember.A new Matriarch must be inaugurated, but who will it be? Nothing is certain until the envelope’s opened – and not even then. Especially when one candidate disappears and suspicion falls on another.And what’s the shortbread cottage all about?As Vice-Matriarch, Dominica must save not only people’s lives, but the future of witchcraft itself.

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